Vacation Mogul

Vacation Mogul

Vacation Mogul is a time management game set in a vacation resort
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Vacation Mogul is a time management game set in a vacation resort. You and your sister have inherited the possessions of your uncle. Your sister got a house, and you received five islands in a paradise resort. You will have to make money building and upgrading bungalows, hotels, shops, and facilities. You will use the incoming money in buying construction materials, hiring workers, and buying lots to build your hotels and bungalows, or even already-built bungalows, shops, facilities, and hotels. You will need to upgrade them if you want to make more and more money.

You will be able to increase your income by rescuing tourists from being drowned or by selling some buildings. You can even demolish buildings that you are not going to use, and build new ones in the empty lots. Each level will have a goal that you must reach in order to advance to the next level.

The game will turn into an investigation game when your sister disappears in a shipwreck, right after selling the house she inherited. She is missing, and so is the money from the house selling.

The trial version of this game can be played for free for sixty minutes.

Daniel Ángel Romero
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